Investment Strategy

RCL is a long term participant in the residential land development sector. RCL’s vision is to maximise wealth through diversified investments in a portfolio of quality residential land projects across Australia and New Zealand. 

RCL seeks to achieve this by:

  • Effectively managing the portfolio through the successful, timely and efficient re-zoning, construction, development and sale of each Residential Land Project.
  • Growing its portfolio utilising its existing strong pipeline of opportunities and by identifying new investment opportunities.
  • Value adding through building out integrated housing precincts.

RCL will review and evaluate all investment opportunities in accordance with its investment criteria which can be summarised as follows:

  • Maintain exposure to a geographically diversified portfolio of Residential Land Projects at all times;
  • Consider investments for the foreseeable future in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Only invest in or around government defined growth corridors, Infill Sites, or areas possessing long term growth potential;
  • Ensure that its portfolio comprises a prudent mix of residentially zoned and unzoned land.precincts
© Copyright 2009 RCL Group
© Copyright 2009 RCL Group